1. Custom Pillows
    Custom Pillows
    Custom tapestry pillows with silk color blocking and tassel trims.
  2. Slouched Tied-Top Cuffed Panels
    Slouched Tied-Top Cuffed Panels
    Slouched sheer tied-top cuffed panels with contrasting colored banding.
  3. Squire Valance
    Squire Valance
    Squire valance and jabots with decorative tassel trim and buttons mounted on board.
  4. Vienna Valance
    Vienna Valance
    Silk Vienna Valance mounted on board with jabots and pinched pleat panels.
  5. Upholstered Ottoman
    Upholstered Ottoman
    Ottoman was re-upholstered using a faux brown textured leather.
  6. Panels with Attached Valance
    Panels with Attached Valance
    Striped Silk Panels with attached Floral Valances mounted on a pole with rings.
  7. Cuff-Top Valance
    Cuff-Top Valance
    Cuff-Top Valance with tassel trim
  8. Imperial Valance
    Imperial Valance
    Imperial Valance Mounted On Board
  9. Scallop Soft Cornice
    Scallop Soft Cornice
    Scallop Soft Cornice with Tails, Returns and Self Welt Cording
  10. Upholstered Chair
    Upholstered Chair
    Upholstered barrel back office chair
  11. Attached Valance Panels
    Attached Valance Panels
    Drapery Panels with attached valances mounted on boards with tassel fringe
  12. Squire Valance
    Squire Valance
    Squire valance with tails and jabots mounted on board with tassel fringe trim
  13. Elaborate Kingston Valance
    Elaborate Kingston Valance
    Kingston valance with tails, tassel fringe and attached stationary panels
  14. Bordeaux Valance
    Bordeaux Valance
    Bordeaux valance mounted on board with attached pleated panels.
  15. Soft Cornice
    Soft Cornice
    Contemporary Soft Cornice mounted on board.
  16. Upholstered Ottoman
    Upholstered Ottoman
    Oversize upholstered ottoman with chenille leaf fabric.
  17. Swags and Panels
    Swags and Panels
    Custom wood cornice with swags and panels.
  18. Scallop Valance
    Scallop Valance
    Soft scallop valance with self-welt cording trim and jabots.
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